Why Hire a Professional Newborn Photographer?: London Newborn Photographer


In a newborn session the other day I was surprised when a father had said, after watching me soothe his brand-new newborn, “Wow, so this isn’t just about photography is it?” I always forget that clients assume that a newborn photographer snaps a few pictures, uploads them and sends them off. Done. A professional newborn photographer invests in photography training centred around soothing, posing and safety with newborns. Newborn photography is so specific and there is so much else involved with these tiny humans that the photography aspect is just a fraction of what goes into a newborn photography session! When you invest in a specialised newborn photographer you have found a photographer that has a studio specially created with newborn photography sessions in mind. This involves a wooden backdrop for prop images, backdrops for family images and a posing beanbag for the more posed newborn shots. A newborn studio is filled with wraps, props, bonnets and headbands all designed and chosen to fit baby perfectly. Newborn photography is also about the posing of a newborn. The poses you see on our websites are all achieved with training, experience, Photoshop composites and practice.  A newborn photographer knows how to handle, soothe, transition and calm baby so that the session is as effortless and stress-free as possible. I often have new parents fall asleep snoring on my sofa while I work with baby! Many parents ask if I do the night shift (ha, I will stick to photography)! A newborn photographer is an investment but one that lasts for many years to come!