London Newborn Photography: Newborn & Sibling Portraiture


When families have an older sibling and a newborn, all they truly want from their newborn session is a gorgeous image of baby and sibling together. In some cases this is super easy, but in most cases (especially with a toddler involved), this can prove very tricky! As parents, it is best to go into the session with low expectations for your toddler. It is a very confusing time for them as they are used to being the focus of your attention and used to being the baby of the family. Having a newborn arrive can be very difficult for them in the first few weeks. I’ve seen it all in sessions at this time- toddlers hitting baby, screaming, hitting parents, crying the whole time and overall causing a bit of trouble. Parents always get so embarrassed when this happens in front of me but I tell them not to worry- I truly have seen it all and I understand why it is happening! It is such a new world for the toddler with baby arriving, why would they want to pose for pictures with their new sibling who has taken all this attention away from them?

So how do we get good portraits of baby and toddler together? Let them explore the studio and get to know me first. I often like to start photographing baby first so that a toddler can warm up to me and see what I’m doing. I like to show them the back of my camera so they can see what is on it. I often will take pictures of the toddler and show them themselves on the back of my camera so they can see how it works. Bringing toys and your phone with your toddler’s favourite television shows on it helps immensely too. Don’t worry, I don’t think you are a bad parent for doing this! Sitting two hours in a session can be a long time for a toddler so whatever we can do to keep toddler entertained is great! I like to start with an easy pose for a toddler, lying down on a rug. Often this proves a bit tricky as a toddler doesn’t want to lie down beside their new sibling or they think we are making them nap so we bring out the tv shows! I get parents to hold their phone just near my lens so we can get toddler to look at the lens! Oh the things we photographers and parents do for a good image!