Newborn Photography: A Lifetime Investment


This is my little sister who is twelve, we are almost seventeen years apart in age. Despite the age gap we have an incredible bond and I discovered my love for photography through capturing her growing up. Now that my sister is a pre-teen she has a phone (for safety according to my mother), she prefers going to her friends’ houses rather than hanging out with us all the time, she’s starting to choose which stores she prefers to buy her clothing from and is asking when she can wear makeup (I told her in university). It is such a cliche but has so much truth to it, they grow up so fast. I remember the first time I held her and touched her tiny button nose, shocked by how soft it was.

Newborn photography is a lifetime investment. At the time it feels like there is so much else to buy and that perhaps you can just take photos on your phone of your little one’s first days. Photos on your phone get lost, they don’t print well and they don’t capture how truly tiny your little one is as a newborn. Prams, cribs, toys, moses baskets and all the other stuff that are vital to the raising of your child don’t last, they get thrown out or given away in time after your child grows through each stage. The things that do last? Images of your child, the memories. It’s 2:30am and I’m still recovering from jet lag from my trip to see my family in Canada and I’m thinking of the one thing that lasted from that brief holiday that I can cherish: the images of my sister and my family that I took, they will last forever.