London Newborn Photography: Camera Phone vs. Artwork


I read an interesting but rather depressing Facebook feed of photographers discussing the demise of photography in the future due to everyone having a phone with a camera in their pocket. They said no one in the future will want professional photography because they can just do it themselves for free. This may be true with older families or for quick snaps of your children as they grow but I believe the need for photography as artwork is still there. Newborn Photography can not be done by everyone as it is so important to know about how to safely pose baby in an artistic way. Professional newborn photography is about creating artistic images for your walls that you can look back on and love forever. It is about getting both parents in the images (because you know with a camera phone it is only one of you in the images most of the time). Also, I always notice when looking at friends feeds on Facebook who’ve just had a baby and they post the first camera phone snap of their new arrival- I always think that the newborn never looks as small and tiny as they do in professional images! Professional newborn photographers think of unique ways to safely pose your newborn so that their teeny tininess is captured forever and you can look back at the art on your walls and tell your teenager, “Wow, I can’t believe you were once that tiny!”