“LCP” Has Received Commended Status By BANPAS!


“Little Crumpets Photography” is very excited to announce that they have now gone from a Pro member of BANPAS to a Commended member! What does this mean? It means that after submitting a portfolio of 12 images, these were then scored by BANPAS ambassadors (other respected professional photographers). These images were scored under the categories of Focus, Lighting, Exposure and Posing. Each category was scored out of 5 and I am happy to announce I got a perfect score! Each image I selected was carefully chosen to demonstrate a variety of posing, lighting and creativity. It is so amazing to be graded by other professional newborn photographers across England and to receive such a positive experience.

This is an accomplishment for “LCP” because I’ve worked very hard over the years to perfect my images and have put everything into my business! Starting a small business means late nights, unlimited working hours and little social life in the first few years but eventually it begins to pay off. These images demonstrate my heart and soul and have come to portray my artistic photographic style. Clearly I love textures, colour and have a vintage flair!

Newborn sessions are best held at under two weeks old to get the best possible images and easiest session for baby. Newborns are sleepiest at this time and have an adorable womb-like shape. This helps us get them into the adorable poses you see here! We secure a session for your approximate due date month and as newborns are often born 6 weeks early and 2 weeks late I have to book a limited amount of sessions in order to be flexible. As a result, I book up quickly and it is best to secure your newborn session after your 12 or 2o week scan. To book your newborn photography session please email me at