Why Are Family Portraits So Important?: London Newborn Photography


While I absolutely adore newborn photography, I believe that family photography is even more important. It is so important to have family images and be in family images with your children!

Tired- I often get clients who back out of the family portion of our session because they claim they are too tired or didn’t get ready. Your children will not care that you looked too tired in their newborn portraits when they look back on them in 40 years. They will notice how young you looked, how you look like them or their children. It is so important to have a record of you with your children, not for you but for them to treasure and their family to cherish forever.

Timeless/Heirloom- Family portraits are so important to have forever. They are a record in time and capture your family as it was growing and as your children grew up. Your children want to be in photographs with you, they don’t just want portraits of themselves as they grow up. Family portraits also have a timeless quality and become heirlooms for families to keep forever. I have images of great-great-grandparents that I treasure greatly and will show my children one day.

Natural- I have a lot of clients that don’t want to “pose” and worry images won’t look natural. I always say that the key to natural images is to be natural! You can kiss baby, play with baby, rock baby and just revel in this beautiful creation that you have made! You don’t need to pose and look at the camera as I prefer to capture my clients as they adore their new baby!

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