Baby Shower Gifts You Actually Need


I often hear from clients during our newborn photography sessions that they get so much useless stuff for their baby showers. While the thought is there, it isn’t practical to have 20 stuffed animals or 30 newborn dresses that won’t fit for long and aren’t the easiest to wear/put on. The best way to look at baby shower gifts it to think of what an expectant client would need lots of and what they will need everyday.

1.) Baby Shusher- This one is to ease them into parenthood in those first few weeks. The baby shusher helps mimic the white noise sound of the womb and might help new parents catch a few extra hours of sleep!

2.) Onesies in all sizes- This is the most practical piece of clothing to buy an expectant parent for baby. The onesie/baby grow in all sizes is so useful as they are the easiest to put on baby (for those many nappie changes) and the most comfortable. Bonus points if you find ones with zippers so that they are easy for new parents to do up! This is something new parents will need a lot of in all sizes so it doesn’t matter if they get lots of them at the shower.

3.) Sleepyhead- A sleepyhead is a cosy little bed/mat that you can take around the house with you when baby needs a nap. It is comfortable and also great for when you just need to put baby down for a few minutes.

4.)  Swaddle Bags– These are a lifesaver! Newborns constantly wake themselves up with their hands (as they aren’t quite used to stretching out fully and have a startle reflex). The swaddle bag helps contain their arms to make them feel safe just like in the womb.

5.) Muslins– Muslins seem like such a boring gift but they are used constantly with a baby and you need a lot of them, especially when you are struggling to keep up with all the laundry!