A Letter To My Young Self When Just Starting My Business


Dear 25 year old Kirstin,

You’ve just discovered a newborn photographer and discovered the world of newborn photography. You’ve done all these practice sessions with newborns and realised that man, newborn photography is hard, so so hard. You feel deflated and you think of giving up. Your mind is spinning with thoughts of business bank accounts, advertising, a website, limited companies. You don’t have any confidence in yourself and you’re scared to charge for your work. You’re living in a flat with a bunch of male roommates and never believing that you could have your own place in London, your own studio and your own business.

You work very hard over the next 5 years, harder than you ever imagined possible. You work well into the night and get up early the next day to start all over again. You don’t have much time for yourself, you edit all the time and are glued to your computer. You answer emails straight away, hoping those enquiries will book with you. You trained and did workshops with all your favourite photographers. In fact, you got to meet the newborn photographer from Australia just last week that inspired you to go into newborn photographer.

You’ve never had much belief in yourself but I promise you, it all gets better and works out behind your wildest dreams for your business. In your little teal notebook you wrote down all your business goals and you fulfilled every one of them and quadrupled your expectations. You’ve got your own studio now and are always booked up months in advance. You’ve perfected your work and it has come so far. You’ve developed your own style and have a room filled with beautiful props, everything you love. Your dreams have come true! You’ve gone from sharing with flatmates, to living in a 3 bed flat with your fiancĂ©. It has all worked out, have confidence in yourself and know it will come.

You will always struggle with confidence and will always put your all into your work but just know it’s all worth it because you get to do what you love every single day. You have found your passion in life and that is very hard to come by in a life.


30 year old Kirstin