London Newborn Photography: Why You Need to Print Your Newborn Photos


I’m getting married in December and for my wedding decor I’m planning to have images of both sets of our family wedding images or images of our grandparents as couples on display in gold frames. I emailed my grandparents and they dug out their wedding photos and sent me photocopies. It was truly amazing to study them as I realised that I want a similar bouquet to my grandmother’s and that I look quite similar to my grandfather, something I hadn’t realised before. Without them keeping these images for many many years (they made the big trip from England to Canada on a boat when they immigrated) I would never have connected with this image and cherished it as their granddaughter. I think we forget that printing our images isn’t just for ourselves but also a time capsule, a memory keeper and something to pass down for generations.

I often have clients who just want digitals and don’t aim to print their images. They haven’t even gotten around to printing their wedding photos yet. However, we must stop to remember that they may not continue to exist in digital form forever so always print as a back up, even if it isn’t a professional printer, just so you have a physical copy of the image to pass on to your children. Trust me, they will want to see these images as they grow old.

Be sure to print your images. Printed images are heirlooms, keepsakes and memories that you can hold. As we grow older the memories become fuzzier in our minds and it is so important to be able to look back on a print and be swept back to the day the photograph was taken. It’ll make you feel younger 🙂

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