London Newborn Photographer: Why You Need A One Year Cake Smash Session!


Did you know I offer cake smash sessions? They can be so much fun- here’s why you need one!

1.) It’s a celebration- Why not celebrate the amazing year you have just been through? A cake smash is such a perfect celebration of all the hard times- like sleepless nights, the difficulty feeding, the times you couldn’t even put your baby down and the beautifully happy moments like every little milestone your baby has accomplished in their first year. Do you remember their first smile, their first laugh, the first time they held your fingers and then the sitting up, the crawling and now standing? It’s been such a whirlwind year and a cake smash or one year session helps to capture the end of their first year of life- a beautiful birthday celebration!

2.) It’s a great messy play activity- Some love it or some hate it but it is so adorable when your one year old treats a cake smash like a giant messy play activity and gets right into destroying that cake! It is so much fun to see what type of cake smasher. your child is- do they get right in there and destroy the cake? Do they daintily try a piece of icing and decide they hate it? Do they prefer drumming with the wooden spoon?

3.) It’s a milestone- I find people tend to forget about the older milestones for professional photography and prefer to invest in just newborn shots (which I completely get) but it can be so worth having professional images of your baby at key stages in their life. Baby’s first year is a time of such immense growth and learning- it is so beautiful for me to be able to capture that time and see their little personalities shining!

Did you know I have a cake smash special offer? Email me at for more details on your one year cake smash in my Ghent, Belgium studio!