London Newborn Photography: Why You Must Take Family Portraits


Why You Must Take Family Portraits At Your Newborn Session:

I have so many clients that come to a newborn session too tired to even think about having their own portraits taken and pass on them. I always try to encourage my clients to be in images, even if they are tired and have no makeup on so that they capture these first memories. Baby will never be this small again! I encourage you to bring your makeup or hair products and get ready in the toilet while I do the newborn part of the session. I always do family portraits at the end of my sessions so there is plenty of time to get dolled up. It is so worth being in images as they then become a family heirloom to be passed down for generations, your children will cherish them forever and even more so when you are gone.

What To Wear For Your Newborn Session Family Portraits:

I always recommend wearing something simple and classic for a newborn session family portraits. I recommend white as it looks light and airy and I recommend no patterns or logos. You don’t want to look at the images in 10 years time and think, “what was I wearing?” These images aren’t a fashion statement but rather a focus on you as new parents and your precious new baby.

Scared of Getting Your Picture Taken? How Not To Feel Awkward: 

If parents feel awkward in front of a camera, I encourage them to look at baby. This truly helps as it provides a second for parents to remember why they are in the studio, the journey they’ve taken to get their new baby and it makes them smile. I love capturing images of parents looking at baby because this is where you see the true love!