Why Family Portraits Are The Most Important Part of Your Newborn Session




While capturing your newborn in those adorable early days is so important, it is also so important that we take family portraits with your newborn. These family images tend to become the most important part of your session as these are what get passed down through the generations. Families. Memories. Love.

1.) You’re in them- The reason these family images have so much importance? Well, you’re in them. These will hold the most sentiment to your child as they grow up as they will frequently reflect on the photos (do I look like dad when he was my age?) and hold them dear to their hearts as they grow old. Seeing your parents in images is so important and something that can be passed down to your grandchildren and their grandchildren.

2.) History- Family portraits tend to be the ones that get passed down through the generations. They are the ones you look at to see if you look like your grandfather or look at the clothes of your great-great grandparents. I just recently received my grandparents wedding images and I was stunned to see that I got my face structure from my father’s father. It was truly amazing to see just how similar my face was to his when he was younger. Family images show you where you came from and I aim to capture true emotion that show the love that created this little human being.

3.) Wall– Family portraits tend to make the best wall art. When I capture them I see them as a giant gallery wall in your living room, dining room, hallway or bedroom. Portraits of mum, dad, together and close ups of baby in hands are all meant to be printed huge on canvases and into a gallery wall of art and memories!