Why Does Newborn Photography Cost What it Costs?: London Newborn Photographer


Why Does Newborn Photography Cost What it Costs?: Why is there such a variance in price from one newborn photographer to the next?

I thought I’d discuss this rather tricky topic as I actually get asked this in my sessions and it comes up a lot in mum and baby group forums. It is hard to say why one photographer charges a certain amount more than another or a certain amount less but there are quite a few factors that go into running a newborn photography business that effect how much a newborn photographer charges.

First off, newborn photography is an art and well, generally you get what you pay for. A professional newborn photographer invests many years of training and practice to develop their art. I’ve specialised in newborn photography and actor’s headshots and having done both, let me tell you, newborn photography isn’t easy. The time put into a newborn photography session, before (emailing, advertising, planning and setting up the session), during (a 3-4 hour session with you spent taking images, soothing baby, waiting patiently for baby to feed or sleep) and after (cleaning soiled items, cleaning up studio, editing images) is quadruple the amount of work I had to put into doing an actor’s headshot session.

1.) Studio and costs- Having a studio vs. being a mobile photographers effects how much a newborn photographer has to charge to cover their basic outgoing costs.

2.) Experience- The more experienced a newborn photographer is, the more likely they are to charge their worth as generally the more experienced a newborn photographer is, the better they are! Newborn photography is not something to be taken lightly. I have heard many people that say their friend has a good camera so they will get them to take them their baby photos. A “good camera” is not the one handling and posing your brand new bundle of joy, a friend most likely does not know that many newborn poses are done in composite images (where hands are actually photoshopped out of the images and safely on baby at all times). An experienced newborn photographer knows how to pose a newborn efficiently, safely and carefully.

3.) Training- Newborn photographers who charge their worth often have a great deal of training under their belt. This covers editing, photography, newborn safety and experience with newborns. The more trained and experienced a newborn photographer is, the happier your newborn will be.

4.) Advertising and marketing- Many individuals forget that a newborn photographer (or any small business owner) cannot be seen by ┬áthe public without paying for advertising. Their advertising costs come out of their monthly earnings for their newborn sessions. Some newborn photographers invest large amounts in advertising to be seen by the public and Google/Facebook ads don’t come cheap!

5.) Props- A specialised high-quality newborn photographer invests in high-quality props. As many of these props are handmade and crafted by artists on Etsy and Big Cartel with the finest quality materials, understandably they cost quite a bit. Newborn photographers have to set aside part of their monthly earnings from their newborn sessions to replace any soiled items, broken items and keep up with current trends in the newborn photography world.

6.) Equipment- In order to even take pictures, a newborn photographer has to have high-quality equipment like a full-frame camera, various lenses, lighting, computer and editing programs. The more these are used, the more they need to be repaired or replaced every few years.

7.) Editing- Ah editing and retouching, the biggest reason to hire a newborn photographer is who is a professional! Your session is not just 3-4 hrs when your newborn photographer is with you but your session continues after your newborn photographer takes images of your baby. Professional newborn photographers spend hours and hours (up to 15 hrs) editing a newborn session! Newborn skin can be red, blotchy, spotty and flakey! Wouldn’t you rather remember your newborn with perfectly polished skin?

All of these factors can effect how much a newborn photographer charges and hopefully help to explain the great variance in photographers out there!