Why Do Newborn Photographers Recommend Photographing Baby Under 2 Weeks Old?


It may seem crazy but newborn photographers highly recommend photographing your baby from 5-14 days old. Anything older than that isn’t a newborn anymore to a newborn photographer! In fact, I even know some newborn photographers who refuse to photograph babies older than this (I photography babies of all ages). Why is age so important to newborn photographers?

Newborn photography is adorable. There’s adorable props, cute poses and sleepy babies. But did you know that after a few weeks baby isn’t so sleepy and poseable anymore? The key to getting all these precious poses is that in the first two weeks a newborn is very sleepy and still very curled in a womb-like shape. This helps us get these poses and makes for an easier session for baby as half the time they don’t even know what is going on!

I do get clients that worry about taking baby out of the house at this time. However, I’ve found with 5 years of experience that babies who come to the studio generally do better than my home session because of the car ride to the studio! Newborns love the car ride as it is similar to how they felt in the womb with all the movement and vibrations. It is so soothing for them! Your newborn will also be coming to a clean home studio so you don’t have to worry about them being in a public place when they are so young.

To book your newborn session I recommend booking when you are 12-20 weeks pregnant. This ensures I’m available for your due date as I do book up very quickly. I only book a certain amount of newborns per month so I can be flexible with late/early arrivals. I’m very used to the random arrivals of newborns and my job is just like I’m on call all the time! Due to the need for flexibility I can only take on a certain amount of newborns so I recommend booking as early as possible to secure your spot.

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