Why Are Newborn Photography Sessions Best Under Two Weeks Old?


I get a lot of enquiries stating, “My baby is 6 weeks and still small, can we do a newborn session still?” We can do a baby photography session but the cute highly posed images you see on my website aren’t possible with a 6 week old. Why?

As each week passes by, newborns get more and more awake, possibly develop reflux and their bones get harder as they grow. Thus, they aren’t quite as womb-like as they first were. This means we can’t safely do the cute poses in buckets or nude images as they don’t bend this way anymore and it is simply not safe.

Have you looked at a diagram of a foetus in the womb? They are perfectly curled up into a bundle as they grow larger and larger inside the womb. When a newborn is first born, their bones are malleable and they are still love to curl up and feel cosy like inside the womb. Their hands like to be near their face and their feet often crisscross up as they sleep. As the weeks go by however, you will soon notice that your baby has grown loads and tend to lie completely flat. This is because their bones are getting stronger  as they grown.

As you can imagine, it is much easier and a smoother session to photograph a happy sleeping baby! It results in a greater variety so we can get a variety of different set ups and also family images. As babies tend to get older they are more awake which can often make it harder to get images as being awake often leads to a bit of fussing!

As a result of us needing to schedule a newborn session under two weeks old, it is best for you to book your newborn session ahead of time. Newborn photographers recommend after your 12 or 20 week scan so that you have one less thing on your check list to do and you have secured a spot in our busy schedules! Due to needing to be available for early and late births, newborn photographers aren’t able to schedule sessions for every single day of the week, this means we book up very quickly!

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