London Newborn Photography: Why Are Most Images of Baby Asleep In Newborn Photography?


I often get clients requesting awake images of baby as they observe that most images a posed newborn photographer takes are of baby asleep (with lifestyle photography you can do anything as baby is typically swaddled up in parents’ arms). I always make time for awake shots in my newborn photography sessions but here is why at least half the session is usually posed asleep.

1.) Safety- A baby cannot safely be posed in the complicated poses you see in my portfolio while awake, it simply isn’t safe. Newborns are jumpy with crazy reflexes and when awake they wiggle like crazy with their arms up in the air and legs kicking away. Placing a baby in a prop or on their stomach would result in them pushing off, lifting their head or startling. It simply isn’t safe. If I have an extra awake baby I have a range of set ups that I can do while baby is awake like swaddled so they are safe and feel cosy. The awake poses are just as adorable!

2.) Baby’s Mood- Have you ever noticed that a newborn’s mood can switch dramatically and there isn’t a huge amount of time where they sit by themselves happy and peaceful? This is because they love being held while awake (feels warm and cosy like the womb) and there is such a small window in feeding times at this age. Some newborns will simply not let me put them down without them crying as they want snuggle or feeding time while they are awake!

3.) We Can Accomplish More Variety of Poses– When newborns are awake they stiffen their teeny bodies right up, look around or root for food. By having a peaceful asleep baby we are able to capture a wide variety of poses quickly and comfortably for baby.

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