Why A Home Newborn Photography Session?

Why a natural lifestyle newborn photography session in your London home?

My biggest pull to leaving behind posed prop and studio newborn photography was I wanted something more timeless. The prop newborn photography world is filled with the latest trends in props that are always coming and going. I wanted to focus on something that would remain a timeless treasure in the family for many many years. Having a more natural approach has enabled my newborn photography sessions to be more relaxed and organic because we don’t have a number of poses, outfits or props to put baby through. A natural lifestyle newborn photography session is filled with baby cuddles, lots of feeding breaks and flows more organically. Being a lifestyle newborn photographer is a little like being a storyteller. It aims to capture those little in between moments, just just poses but magical moments we forget about as our children grow like your soothing hands rubbing their forehead as they fall asleep as a newborn.


Are you worried about leaving the house with a newborn?

A newborn home photography session is the perfect way to ease into parenthood and remember the early days of the newborn bubble! As a new parent just figuring out how to leave the house on time can seem like such a daunting task! I come to you, capture your day in your home and the session is so relaxed with lots of feeding and cuddling opportunities for those cluster feeding babies!


Why choose a lifestyle newborn photography session in your London home?

Having done both types of newborn photography– posed with props and a more natural look I’m far more appreciative of how timeless a more natural style of newborn photography is. Not only is it timeless but it focuses on family connection and emotion. It helps being back the memories of those early days. After I had my daughter I started to think about transitioning to something more natural as I realised i didn’t want to put prop images up on my walls and instead wanted natural, classic images of us as a family with our newborn on the walls. I wanted our images to feel like the genuine us, not posed or fake. 


What do I wear for a home newborn photography session?

Honestly wear whatever feels comfortable! I do love long maxi dresses on new mamas as I feel they look so romantic and beautiful but truly it is up to you. It is your style, your home and your session. I’m always available as to guide you on what to wear and am happy to send you some links for my absolute favourite lifestyle inspired outfits of the moment! Here is a blog post that is a huge help with styling for your newborn photography session!


Is my home too cluttered and tiny for a home newborn photography session?

Lifestyle newborn photography isn’t about perfection. It’s about the messy chaotic of those first few weeks that pass by in a blur. Are you afraid your house is too cluttered or too small for a natural newborn session in your home? Don’t worry, I’ve worked in pretty much every type of home in London! One bed flats, large homes or even studio flats! I know how hard those first few weeks are with a newborn and we work around the mess and clutter to create something amazing!


Why are home newborn photography sessions so special?

I love home newborn photography sessions simply because I can do lifestyle images and capture baby in their first home. They are surrounded by all your precious momentos, their nursery and the place they might grow up on. Instead of using a simple paper roll backdrop I prefer to use your home as a backdrop; your sofa, a bed, windows, surrounded by knick knacks you’ve collected over the years. All are part of baby’s new environment and so special. They are home. The most obvious reason for a newborn session in your home is the convenience of it. No having to drive to a session, no having to make sure everyone is ready to leave the house early to beat traffic and ensure you arrive on time. When I went to my daughter’s newborn session I got up at 5am when she was 17 days old after a very sleepless night to make sure I had my makeup and hair done and we still struggled to get there on time. It was not much fun and the rushed feeling is a strong part of the memory of the day. 


There are so many benefits to having a home newborn photography session such as not having to rush out the door when you are tired, recovering from birth and getting used to baby, and getting to include your home in the session which gives your images a more authentic story of your family. Contact me to schedule in your intimate newborn photography session in your home!