What to Wear for Your Newborn Session Family Portraits: London Newborn Photography


One of the most common questions I get asked when a client books a newborn session is, “What do we wear?” Here are a few suggestions!

1.) Think Neutral- ¬†As we are celebrating the birth of baby we don’t want to draw any attention away from baby with bright colours that will reflect in their face. I recommend colours like cream, white and black as they are neutral and keep focus on the star of the show, your gorgeous newborn!

2.) Classic and Simple- These portraits will probably be around for a very long time and so I recommend avoiding any labelled clothing with large logos, distracting patterns or anything that will look very dated in a few years time. Often a tank top (vest), plain t-shirt or flowy dress work very well!

To enquire about a newborn session, email me at reddington.kirstin@gmail.com for more information.