What To Expect During Our Newborn Session


I will arrive to our session with a lot of stuff! I bring my suitcase everywhere with me and it’s filled with a little air mattress (for a safe place to pose baby), heater, electric blanket, posing pillows, blankets, baskets, bonnets and wraps.  Sometimes I use very little of it and sometimes I use everything. I love to be prepared!

Baby should be fed half an hour prior to my arrival so he/she is calm and heading towards a deep sleep. After baby feeds, have them in just a diaper for my arrival so we don’t have to undress them and startle their sleep when I’m ready to shoot. Having a warm flat/house for this is very helpful so that they feel comfortable and sleepy.  Also, having some music or white noise on in the room we will be shooting in is essential as even a camera shutter can startle baby awake!

The rest of the session is up to how baby behaves as I like to put no pressure on him/her to behave a certain way. If baby is sleeping, we begin the portrait portion of our session and if baby is fussy and not wanting to sleep, we can do the lifestyle portion of our session. By the end of a 4-5 hour session we get an amazing amount of pictures featuring baby individually and interacting with the family! I prefer a relaxed shooting style and make sure I’m never in a rush so that we get the most out of our day!