London Newborn Photography: What To Do With Your Digital Images


As a newborn photographer in London, I hear woeful tales from my clients about how they haven’t even printed their wedding images 2 years after their wedding. We are the most photographed generation but we are also the generation that will lose the majority of our photos unless we do something with them. USB sticks do not last forever and files can become corrupted. So how do you ensure you use your images from your newborn photography session and turn them into beautiful memories that you can actually treasure forever?

1.) Gallery wall- I love a good gallery wall and it is my favourite way to add character to my own home! I love mixing photographs of my family with pieces of art, illustrations or quotes. I put them in all different and quirky frames to create a fun look. I love gallery walls in nurseries as you can put baby’s images from their newborn session up and mix them with framed illustrations for the theme of their nursery (foxes are popular at the moment) or casts of their tiny feet and hands.

2.) Statement Piece- Having one very large photograph up in your home can make a photograph into a piece of artwork. It creates a great statement and is the first thing guests see when they walk into your home. I love canvases for this as they are so easy to hang!

3.) Woodblocks- I love printing images on woodblocks as not only are they a photograph but they are also an ornament or decorative piece for your desk/wall/end table or mantelpiece.

4.) Birth Announcement– Using your newborn’s image from their photography session for their birth announcement is a beautiful way to announce your newborn to the world, they also are great on Christmas cards!

5.) Album/ Scrapbook– I love creating scrapbooks of all the different images and momentos. When my little sister was born I created a large scrapbook for her with photographs, her hospital bracelet and little casts of her tiny feet!