What Inspires Me


I’m so grateful that I get to have a career where I actually get to use my Fine Art background. Not many people get to do that and a successful career in the arts is always seen as the luck of the draw. With my education in art I’m not only able to photograph babies but create fun and colourful set ups! What inspires me to create beautiful set ups?

1.) The Memories- The thing that inspires me most when preparing for a newborn session is the memories that will be created during the session and with the images we create. I love to think of my photographs as something that could be a family heirloom one day. Photographs are all we have left of ourselves and people when memories fade and I think they are so important to have for the next generations of your family.

2.) Antique Markets and Online Shopping- My biggest artistic inspiration is scouring the internet and antique markets for fun new props to use in my newborn photography sessions. I love looking for the perfect prop! If I see something interesting I think of how it can be used in multiple ways. I also love going into fabric stores and finding new textures and fabrics to create something magical with! Even if I don’t buy, I love looking at colours, textures, textiles and heirlooms to draw inspiration from.

3.) Colour- Colour is my favourite as you can probably tell from my newborn photography session set ups! I absolutely adore it! I love drawing inspiration from the combination of colours that each client chooses and creating something completely new with it!

To book your newborn photography session please email me at It is best to book ahead while still pregnant as my calendar fills quickly.