What if my newborn doesn’t sleep during the session?: London Newborn Photographer


“What Miss Photographer Lady?! You put me in a bucket while I was asleep and I didn’t even know?!”

The greatest worry I have with parents at the start of a session is, what if my newborn doesn’t sleep and we can’t get those adorable posed sleepy images? If we do the session early enough (5-14 days old), a newborn is pretty much guaranteed to sleep at some point during the session, some just take longer or are fussier than others! If baby is awake (and happy to be put down), I swaddle baby up so they can’t fuss and take some gorgeous eyes open shots! I love the silly faces they make when they are awake! The best thing to do is not stress (baby can sense when we are anxious) and know that eventually with enough swaddling, food and soothing, they will sleep and we will get great shots!