What If My Baby Doesn’t Sleep During Their Newborn Session?




What if my baby doesn’t sleep during their newborn session?

I get many clients who are very worried their newborn won’t sleep during our session. Don’t worry, I’ve been doing this so long that I always have a Plan B! For every session I work around baby’s mood to create their own unique session that caters to them and how they want to be. If they are a more awake baby we do extra awake images until they fall asleep. If they hate being naked and prefer being wrapped like in the womb then we focus on that! I always say that baby is the boss and after working with newborns for 6 years I’m quite intuitive on what they want, their safety and happiness is my priority for every session I do!

Some of my favourite images are awake images. After all the posed sleepy images are done I let baby lie on the beanbag with their arms free and let them wake up naturally themselves. I just love the expressions I get during this set up!

It is best to book your newborn session before baby arrives as newborns are best photographed under 5-14 days old! To book your newborn session please email me at reddington.kirstin@gmail.com.