What Does Your Newborn Session Involve (aka what newborn photographers do besides take pictures)?


Many people think all photographers do is take pictures and have no idea all of the work that goes into their session. Every aspect of photography take an enormous amount of work, but particularly the niche of newborn photography can be very time consuming. Before I became a full-time professional photographer I think perhaps I assumed that being a photographer was all cups of tea while editing (sometimes it is) and taking pictures and leading a fabulous life! While I feel I do lead a fabulous life because I get to do what I love, I thought I’d explain what really goes into each and every newborn session!

1.) Before we even meet I spend a lot of time advertising and posting on social media,  all so you can find me and see part of my world! Running a small business is hard work and I am so grateful to everyone who allows me to share their photos that I have taken of their newborns as this allows me to keep an up to date portfolio of my work and allow my tiny business to grow!

2.) Admin: This involves emailing, sending price lists, preparation emails and uploading your galleries.

3.) Mobile session: If your session is a mobile session, I spend about an hour preparing and packing for your session based on your colour choices. I plan my set ups around your aesthetic preferences and carefully plan the session so it goes a smoothly as possible. Each session is planned individually and I try to make each session unique. On average, I spend about 3 hours per day travelling to your home and carrying all of the props involved in the session.

4.) The session: This involves 4-5 hours taking pictures at your home or in my studio. Newborn photography isn’t the quickest type of photography and involves so much else besides the photography aspect! It is best to hire a photographer who focuses on newborns and is experienced as not only do their photography skills need to be top notch but they need to know how to safely handle newborn babies, know everything about them and how to safely carry out specific poses. This is why professional newborn photographers invest in lots of training to further develop their skills.

5.) Clean up after the session- This involves hand washing any soiled items (ah the joys of newborn photography).

6.) Editing- I think this is the part most people forget about. As a professional photographer, I don’t just download my photos and send them off. I carefully edit each imagine to match my style and create a unique piece of art. Some poses require serious editing (up to one hour) to be carried out safely (I edit out my hands that are holding baby). Each image in your gallery (I usually supply about 35-40 in your gallery) can take anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour of editing time. Baby skin can be very tricky and milk spots, acne and dry skin need to be edited out. The time I spend photographing baby in your home is only a fraction of the time I spend on the session.

7.) Creating b&w versions of your choices and uploading all your files onto a USB.

8.) Mailing your USB (waiting in line at the post office)!

I absolutely adore my job and everything that goes into it so I thought I’d explain what goes on behind the scene!