Welcome To The World Camden- My Nephew’s Newborn Photography Session!


On the 4th of April my little nephew was born and I hurried home to Canada to photograph him. I had instructed my mum to buy studio lighting and my brother was in charge of finding rustic barn wood to use as a backdrop. I packed two suitcases full of props for little Camden’s newborn session and flew home to Canada to photograph him. He was 8 days overdue and quite a chunky little guy so I was worried that he was a bit more awake than the usual newborn. We did the session in their basement as it was the darkest place in my brother’s home, amongst his exercise equipment and their laundry, and made a makeshift studio. We were able to replicate it perfectly and Camden was as good as gold for me the first day we did his session. We had planned greens and blues for his session and I tried my best to make the session as personal to my brother and his fiancĂ© as possible. I brought lots of props that were woodland themed so that we could match the nursery theme. I also used an old car bucket that I have as Camden’s initials are C.A.R and incorporated an old nascar toy of my father’s as my family has a great love for cars. My mum knitted a Hudson’s Bay themed wrap and hat set as we knew we wanted to incorporate Canada somehow. I absolutely adored photographing my nephew as the session felt so personal to me and it was amazing photographing him and seeing some of my brother’s features in him while doing it. It felt incredible being able to capture these memories for him that will be there forever and he can look back on and think, “My auntie took those pictures”.