London Newborn Photography: The Value of Professional Photography


I’ve always known photography was important, ever since I was little I’ve sought to capture everything around me with a camera, no matter how cheap or old it was. When I was really small I remember my mum had this old professional camera that had a big fancy case and I used to always try to get her to take it out and show it to me. I treasured that camera and when she took pictures with it of my cat or my prom, those images were kept and framed. I loved taking pictures of friends when I was in my pre-teens and teens, I had a little camera that printed stickers and I loved taking pictures of my pets and friends with it. I recorded my little sister’s childhood with a little digital camera and then eventually a DSLR. Now we look back at how little she was and marvel at how much she has changed. I always loved recording images and all the memories around me because I’ve always known that moments are fleeting and go by so fast.

The power of professional photography is that we treasure it, preserve it and frame it for generations of our family to come. Will your iPhone pictures be around for your great-great grandchildren? Yet, my family has images of our great-great grandparents, that will be in the family forever. Professional photography captures your family in the best way and we value it because a professional has done it. It is a piece of art to keep in the family forever.

I realised how powerful photography is when I was looking for family images to use in my wedding. I would like to have a little table at our venue that has a sign that says, “Our History”. This table will showcase images from family on both sides. I asked my grandparents for their wedding pictures and they mailed them to me from Canada, it felt so nice to hold their wedding pictures and to know that one day I can show my children these images. They will be able to look at them and check for family resemblance and to see where their history has come from. Photography is such an amazing memory keeper and it keeps those moments for generations of family to come.