Trends in Newborn Photography in London, England!

Each year new trends for newborn photography arise and certain things fade to the wayside. Where are we now? Nude highly posed images used to be all newborn photographers did but in the last 5 or 6 years this has slowly changed. Now with the introduction of gorgeous knits, buckets and fabrics, there is less inclination to do the whole session as minimal and nude.

1.) Rustic- Now rustic has been in for awhile but now the number 1 “newborn photographer must have” is old wooden barn boards. They make the perfect neutral backdrop and provide the perfect rustic look! My style as a newborn photographer is very rustic and these wooden boards go well with all my vintage wood buckets, organic fabrics and the colours I love.


2.) Swaddled- As I said, newborn photography used to be entirely nude highly posed images but swaddling is now a fixture in newborn photography. It helps calm them, just like inside the womb and shows just how tiny baby once was all curled up! It helps add variety to sessions while keeping a fussy baby calm and happy. I love using all sorts of wraps from organic cheesecloth to beautiful mohair knitted wraps.


3. The Potato Sack Pose– This pose is the marmite of newborn photography! Some love it and some hate it! I love how when I start with this pose it eases baby into a deep sleep and makes them super comfy just like in the womb!


4.) The Cuddly Parent Pose- Cuddly parent poses are so adorable and this one has been trendy the last few years because it shows off mum and baby’s face so beautifully in a close up portrait. I love capturing the love between mum and her new arrival and this pose evokes such emotion!


5.) Nude Posed Images– These poses will also be in style, they are minimal, classic and show off all baby’s details!