Top Newborn Photography Props Part 2

Part 2 of my favourite newborn and baby photography props is here! Today I’m discussing two of my oldest and most versatile props in my vast collection. While not everyone’s cup of tea, these rustic props are essential to a newborn photographer’s collection as they create adorable set ups and are very easy and comfortable for baby.


3.) The Rustic Bowl- This is one of my oldest props and I use it every single newborn photography session I do. It is so easy to use and newborns love it as they are curled up in a swaddle and can be moved easily from flokati rug to bowl. With proper padding underneath baby, this prop is easy and comfortable for baby. ┬áIt helps with a smooth transition for baby so newborn sessions are as effortless as possible for them. I always have a baby’s comfort and safety in mind when planning a session. I love the rustic feel the bowl gives images as rustic and vintage looks are very in right now for newborn and baby photography!


4.) The Apple Crate- Another rustic prop, the apple crate! I found this in a little gift shop in Lyndhurst in the New Forest. It is another one of my older must have props. It is so versatile and another easy transition for baby. To ensure baby is safe, the crate is properly stuffed with extra support around the head and baby never touches the wood crate. I take baby from the “potato sack” pose and put them in the crate, very easy for baby and gives us an entirely new set up!

While I use many more props (and even no props for natural looks) in my newborn photography session workflow, the four props I have discussed in the last two days are all my favourites and are used almost every session! They are all essentials for the collection of a newborn and baby photographer who adores props!