Top Newborn & Baby Photography Props Part 1

As a newborn photographer, props are an essential part of my job. They have taken over my London newborn photography studio! I love collecting and searching for unique props to photograph babies in but time and time again I find myself coming back to the same 4 props in each of my newborn photography sessions. As you can see, the challenge is making each and every image unique. My goal for each session I do is to create a unique session styled to your tastes and with your colour choices.!


1.) The Flokati Rug: My favourite prop is the flokati rug. It is just so versatile for my sessions that I end up using it twice. Once for the “potato sack” pose (that cute pose where baby is swaddled and posed upright, like a potato sack) and another time for a natural image of baby lying down on it. Both of these poses are super easy for baby and keep them very relaxed. The flokati rug is also handy for older babies as well, I use it for everything! What makes the flokati rug so versatile is that I can change the colours of it in photoshop to cater to the colour choices you’ve made for your session. There are actually only 3 different real coloured rugs here, the rest have been changed in photoshop! Ah, the magic of editing!


2.) The Bucket: The Bucket is once of my favourites and I do it every session if I have a sleepy baby. While it looks like a difficult pose I find newborns love it and sleep so deeply in it because they like being on their front, it’s just like they are sleeping on their dad’s shoulder! I have quite a few buckets and there are so many options to make them versatile and cute, this is usually the prop that I will add an heirloom item if parents bring one as it is so easy to place it beside the bucket!

Tomorrow I will be sharing my other two favourite props for newborn photography- the apple crate and the rustic bowl!