Top 5 Essentials For The Arrival of Your New Baby


There’s so much to do and buy before baby arrives, how do you decide what is essential aside from the basics like a crib, nappies etc? Here are a few things I’ve found essential for my clients over the years!

1.) Baby Shusher or Ewan the Sheep- White noise is essential for helping a baby sleep or remain calm while you try to get stuff done around the house. It is quite a shock for baby when they emerge into a brand new scary world when they have had 9 months of being warm, snug and cosy with constant noise of mum’s heart and sounds of muffled world from inside her tummy. For the world to suddenly go quiet after being used to this for 9 months it can be hard for a newborn to sleep in the quiet! I recommend the Baby Shusher as you can control how loud or quiet it is and I use it in every single session!

2.) Muslins and Receiving Blankets- An endless supply is needed as it can be tricky to get laundry done when you are struggling with a lack of sleep and a constant cycle of feeding and nappies changes! Muslins are great for burping and you’d be surprised how many you can go through in a day!

3.)Apps- We are so fortunate to live in a world where we have the world at our fingertips with amazing technology. There are amazing breastfeeding apps, advice apps (like “Ask the Midwife”) and apps that help to create a community for new mums. Here’s is a link of the best pregnancy and baby apps here. 

4.) Support- It is crucial to have a support system around you during such a new and crazy time in your life! Meeting other mums who are due around the same time as you means you get to go through it together!

5.) Nursing Pillow-  A nursing pillow is essential for comfortable breastfeeding for both you and baby (especially as baby starts getting bigger). I’ve heard great things about “My Breast Friend Nursing Pillow”!