My Top 5 Baby Blogs


Are you looking for top tips on being pregnant, being a mother or just need something interesting to read? Here are top five pregnancy and baby blogs!

1.) Pregnant Chicken– A great read during pregnancy and after. This blog contains many helpful articles about being pregnant and contains information on every issue you can think of on the topic from being prepared, birth, breastfeeding and the gear you need!

2.) Scary Mommy- Even I without children love reading Scary Mommy when it pops up on my Facebook feed. Aside from pregnancy, this blog contains many interesting blog posts about being a mum, health, relationships and social issues.

3.) Birth Without Fear- This is a great blog to read while pregnant as it contains many informative reads about making informed choices about giving birth. It also has great reads on pertinent issues like postpartum depression, c-sections and birth experiences. It truly feels like a community and helps you feel like you aren’t alone in this scary and exciting process!

4.) Honest Mum- Honest Mum is a great lifestyle blog that contains recipes, exciting interviews, travel, beauty and fashion. Not your typical mummy blog! She’s also got loads of great v-logs for those than prefer video to print! She’s got amazing opinion articles like “The Imposter Syndrome: Why Women Often feel like Frauds & How to Beat It” and “The Importance of Forgiveness” which help give you something to read while breastfeeding!

5. A Baby on Board: a blog about London Life as a mum of two: I love reading blogs from Londoners as they hit so close to home. This one contains loads of fun stuff about pregnancy, family life and motherhood. ¬†While having loads of articles about topics that help inform you, this blog also has many great light-hearted reads like “Why We Love the Library” and “Things We’re Liking Lately”. It has the best mix of light-hearted and important issues!