Top 3 Newborn White Noise Machines to Help Your Baby Sleep and Stay Asleep!


As a newborn photographer, our job focuses on getting newborns to sleep and trying to keep them asleep for the majority of the newborn photography session. This is usually easier under two weeks old but you sometimes get the odd challenging baby who just wants to stay awake, cry or is a bit fussier than they normally are that day. Aside from swaddling and keeping the room warm (just in the session when baby isn’t wrapped and being very careful to keep an eye on the temperature) there is another way to try to soothe baby and even make sure they don’t startle (I call the arms out startle, the “starfish”). This is a noise machine and comes in many forms like apps on your phone and toys for the nursery. I find apps on your phone tend to run out your battery quite quickly so I’ve listed three great options for your nursery here.

1.) The Baby Shusher– This is a handy little machine that I used all the time in my studio (it feels weird when I have a session that I don’t need it for) and it makes a constant shushing sounds. The best part about this machine is that the volume goes quite high and the noise is consistent which I find is best for trying to get a baby to sleep. They need consistent white noise at a decent volume. The only downside about this little machine is that it needs to be turned back on every 15 minutes and doesn’t turn itself back on like some newborn noise machines.

2.) Ollie the Sleep Owl with Cry Sensor- The beauty of this little stuffed owl is that it has a cry sensor so every time there is a noise or baby cries, the machine turns itself on. It also has a range of noises, like white static, waterfall, rain and a lullaby which isn’t available on the Baby Shusher (but not really needed). The only downside about this machine? It is a stuffed toy so I can imagine it looking pretty grubby in a few months as it is surface wash only.

3.) Ewan the Sheep- Another stuffed toy that makes music and all my clients have it! It has a calming pink glow to mimic the look inside the womb. Again, this has four different soothing sounds but I find Ewan isn’t as loud as some white noise machines so it doesn’t cover all noises in the house if you are trying to get some chores done while baby is having a nap!