Tips for Mums-: What to Bring to Your London Newborn Photography Session


Once you reserve your newborn photography session I always send a booking email with all the essentials for how to prepare and what to bring, here are a few lifesavers during the session:

-A few receiving blankets (to wrap baby in during cuddle time)
-Anything for nappy changing: nappies, wipes, etc.
-A few changes of outfits for baby in case anything gets messy
– A pacifier- unless you really don’t want them using one, a pacifier is helpful even just for the session to soothe them and make it an easier session without having to overfeed.
-Anything you may like to incorporate in a session (family heirlooms, stuffies etc)
-Food- Expect to be at the session for up to 4 hours so you may choose to get lunch or bring lunch. I always supply lots of water!
-Outfits you would like to be photographed in (I love white for its soft and airy look)!
-Baby must be dressed in a Baby Grow that opens at front (buttoned or zippered) so that it can be easily taken off so we don’t disturb them if asleep on their arrival
-It will be very warm in the studio to keep baby relaxed and comfortable,  so I recommend wearing layers or short sleeves!

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