Tips for Mums: What to Ask Your London Newborn Photographer


Tips for Mums: What to Ask Your Ghent, Belgium Newborn Photographer

When choosing a newborn photographer there are so many things to consider, especially in Belgium with so many to choose from! When thinking of a session for your newborn, price should be the lowest consideration factor as your new arrival should be handled by someone experienced and knowledgeable!

1.) Are you aware of how to safely pose and use composite images?

The most important thing to consider when choosing your newborn photographer is not price like so many think but newborn safety. So many people shop by price and could end up with a photographer who has not trained in newborn safety, doesn’t know how to safely take the more difficult posed images and is just not very experienced. A newborn photographer’s price reflects their experience and demand. When looking for a newborn photographer for your sweet bundle of joy, please have safety in mind, not price!

2.) Have you done professional newborn training?
There are many workshops in Europe that teach safe posing in newborn photographer. Be sure to ask if your newborn photographer has done any, as a newborn photographer they should be constantly trying to progress and grow by attending workshops or doing online workshops.

3.) What age do you do newborn sessions?
It is important to know when your newborn session will be held. Most newborn photographers do sessions from 5-14 days old.

4.) Are there any hidden costs in your Pricing?
This is the most difficult part because sometimes even I’m confused by other photographers pricing! You must take the time to understand how a newborn photographer’s pricing works before signing up for a session. Many newborn photographers charge a session fee that includes no images but is the price of the session only. I’ve seen many people get burned by this when they didn’t realise that the cost they initially thought was so cheap on the photographer’s website actually included no images at all! Also be sure to find out the cost of additional images, travel and prints.

5.) Is this your full-time job?
When choosing a newborn photographer I think it is important to find one who does it as their full-time job. This may result in a higher priced photographer as they need to make a living in addition to all the business costs of newborn photography (especially in London) but it is worth being assured that this is a photographer who specialises in newborn photography and isn’t just doing it as a hobby. This means they photograph newborns on a consistent basis, done it for years, have invested in their business and taken training courses. They will also have photographed hundreds and hundreds of newborns.
6.)  Is the photographer a member of newborn photography associations like BANPAS?
BANPAS is the “Baby and Newborn Photography Association” and promotes safety among newborn photographers and parents looking for a newborn photographer. If your newborn photographer belongs to this association you can be assured that they strongly believe in newborn safety and will do complicated images with spotting or composites.
7.) Availability
You may have the perfect newborn photographer in mind but if you wait too long to book them and your little one arrives, they may not have any availability left! Newborn photography is a specialist type of photography and due to the time each session takes, the lengthy editing process and the need to be flexible for early/late births, it is impossible for each newborn photographer to deliver to a mass market. Therefore they can only do a certain amount of newborns per month so they can deliver an optimum service to their clients and not overtire themselves!