Tip from An Experienced Newborn Photographer: How to Soothe Baby


1.) Swaddle Baby- Swaddling a baby is my favourite way to calm an upset newborn. Swaddling helps them feel like they are in the womb and they feel safe. The swaddle combined with rocking usually helps put them into a deep sleep!

2.) Rub their Back- Rubbing their back and putting them on their left side helps aid with digestion. Make sure they don’t go to sleep on their side though!

3.) Bicycle Legs/Wind- I find moving babies legs in the motion of riding a bicycle helps aid them if they are feeling windy. The movement helps tremendously!

4.) Change Nappy- It is an obvious one but some babies just don’t like being wet one bit!

5.) White Noise- My favourite white noise machine is called the Baby Shusher and many of my clients buy it online while in a session with me, it is that magical! Babies love white noise and it helps them sleep through loud noises. There are also many apps or youtube videos available with white or pink noise.

6.) Rock Baby- Another obvious one but it does the trick, I always find the combination of swaddling and rocking baby helps calm them down right away and sends them off to sleep. Sometimes they just need the extra comfort and to feel like they are in the womb again, especially if they are only a few days old!

7.) Pacifier or thumb– Sucking on a pacifier or thumb calms baby instantly, the sucking movement helps make them feel safe and helps so they don’t overfeed.

8.) Body temperature– Check if they are hot or cold, sometimes I find parents run a bit hotter than a newborn, we forget how tiny they are and that they may need an extra layer than you as they lose heat quickly!