London Newborn Photography: Things You Need to Know About Photography:


Why Your Photographer Won’t Give You The Raw Files:

As a photographer I often get asked about giving all the raw files, however you may struggle to find a professional and experienced photographer who gives access to those. Raw files are like an unfinished product and as artists we don’t like giving out unfinished products. Shooting in Raw means that files are soft, no contrast and unprocessed, as professional photographers we choose to shoot in Raw as the file sizes are large and they offer more freedom when editing. When you come to me as a client you are paying for a finished product in my editing style. My editing style is what completes an image. A baker wouldn’t sell an unfinished cake would they?

Why You Need to Back Up Your Image Files:

I recommend storing your digital files that you have purchased in 3 different ways. Printing them, on your computer and on a hard drive or cloud. Usb files disintegrate over time so it is very important you organise your files before the worst happens. You can’t trust technology! I have so many clients email me from years ago saying that their computers were stolen or broken and they never printed their images! Unfortunately I can’t hold onto images for more than 6 months as I have too many images to store.

Why Your Photos Need To Be Printed By A Pro:

You purchased professional images from a professional photographer, why would you print them at store that doesn’t specialise in photography? Finding a professional printer is key to making your images look how they look on screen. So much goes into professional printing like calibrating monitors to match, having the right range of colours and simply replacing the ink before it starts to look faded!

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