The “Little Crumpets Photography” Studio!


Welcome to my sanctuary and favourite place on earth, the “Little Crumpets Photography” studio! A newborn photography studio is different than a normal photography studio as it must be equipped with everything suitable for a newborn and created for their safety and comfort. Being a newborn photographer is not just about taking pictures but it involves handling baby, soothing baby, feeding baby and changing baby. As you know, newborns are not dolls and part of the session can be just trying to keep a fussy baby happy! My North London newborn photography studio is┬áspacious and cosy . Many of my clients (tired new parents) are so relaxed during a session that they fall asleep on the sofa!

What essentials does my studio have to cater to newborn photography?

1.) Studio Lighting: To get high quality and consistent images studio lighting is essential for a newborn session. My studio lights are natural and safe for baby as they replicate natural lighting.

2.) Wooden Backdrop: For my posed prop images like buckets or bowls I use a wood backdrop to create a gorgeous, rustic look. I handmade my wood backdrop and it has a white side or a dark stained side depending on my mood!

3.) A beanbag and posing stand: A beanbag is very important for those beautiful nude posed images that you see on my gallery. It provides a safe and cosy base for baby to lie on.

4.) Newborn Supplies: In case you forgot something (as it may very well be your first outing) I have all the baby changing essentials on hand! I have nappies, nappie bags, cotton balls, paper towel and baby wipes. I also have a changing pad so baby is clean and comfy!

5.) Unlimited Props: My studio is my sanctuary as it is my prop haven. I have literally thousands of props in my studio tucked in every corner and cupboard. I have loads of posing buckets/bowls/crates, I have flokati rugs, hundreds of hand-knitted bonnets, posing blankets, outfits and wraps, I have every colour of backdrop for the nude posed images on beanbag and loads of flowers. The list never ends and I’m always adding to my high-quality collection to create a beautiful bespoke session catered to you!

6.) Space Heaters: These are essential in the winter (not so much in this mini heat wave), and help baby feel warm and cosy when they are nude. It is important to keep the room warmer than we are used to as baby is very used to be warm in the womb and as they are so tiny they lose heat much more quickly than we do!