Why You Need A Home Newborn Photography Session

The Benefits to a Natural Newborn Photography Session in your London Home:

There are so many benefits to choosing a newborn photography session in your London home. The overall look can appear more natural, authentic and emotive. The images without props are more timeless, and can be hung beautifully on your walls for years to come. A home newborn photography session is easier on new parents when trying to get out of the house for the first time and baby loves them too!


Oh I love lifestyle newborn photography in your home!

Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are my absolute favourite! I remember when we went to our own newborn session in a studio I set my alarm for 5am to make sure I had my makeup on, nappie bag packed (with a million nappies, packs of wipes, 10 changes of clothes) and we still rushed out of the door. It was stressful and now I can see the massive advantage of at home sessions for new parents. I turn up to your home with just my camera and lifestyle sessions are just so chill and relaxing. You haven’t had to rush out of the house with a newborn and pack absolutely everything you can think of in the nappie bag. It’s all there, you can get ready at your own pace, in your own home and you don’t have to worry that you’ve forgotten anything. I find the vibe of lifestyle home sessions so relaxing as they are easy, relaxed sessions. We don’t have to worry about baby being asleep to make sure we get a certain amount of poses/set ups on a list. We just go at baby’s own pace, photographing baby awake and asleep and go from room to room capturing life with a newborn in an organic way.

I love that lifestyle newborn photography in your homes allows me to capture real, authentic moments. I love being able to capture baby in their first (and possibly forever) home where they will grow up, have their height marked on a doorframe as they grow and will fondly look at their childhood home in the background of their newborn images. Their first home is a place they will grow up, learn new skills and go through all of those amazing milestones. Their first steps will be taken there, their first words and eventually you’ll capture them on their first day of school on the doorstep of this home. The lifestyle newborn session is the start of all of those beautiful memories. It’s those early first days when you are still learning about having a newborn, you pick them up tenderly- still a bit timid with a newborn. It helps you recall the way they fit so perfectly nestled on your shoulder and how small they looked in dad’s hands. Soon they won’t spend hours with you feeding and cuddling on the bed. Soon they’ll be toddling around and won’t need as many cuddles. It is so important to capture those early days that go by in a sleepless haze, you truly won’t regret it.

Here’s all the reason you might choose a home newborn photography session!


1.) Timeless and Classic Newborn Images that hold meaning

The biggest reason I created my Lifestyle newborn session is because when my daughter was born I suddenly craved something different than what I was doing with props. I wanted something timeless, classic and something similar to my wedding photos. I wanted something I could put up on the walls that would match my wedding images in a natural way. I didn’t want prop images on my walls but something that would forever be in style. Simply put, my natural baby and us as a family. I wanted my family photographs to have meaning.

So I switched to a natural photography style that features lifestyle family images with baby to create a natural and classic look. Something that won’t go out of style and will surpass the trends of the newborn photography world.


2.) Lifestyle Photographs Match With All Your Decor

The beauty of a natural newborn photography session is that the images match with anything! Over the years I’ve had clients wanting to do certain colours to match their living room or a nursery but will you have those colours in your home forever? Instead, the simplicity of a lifestyle session helps baby’s images remain timeless and take the guesswork out of having to match the decor in your home. It focuses on memories rather than props.

3.) Simple and Natural Newborn Images

These images are simple, baby led and have a natural flow to the session. The goal of these images is to keep things as simple as possible so that baby and family remain the focus of the session, not the props. I love home newborn photography sessions simply because I can capture baby in their first home in a beautiful, authentic way that holds meaning. You are surrounded by all your keepsakes, their nursery and the place they might grow up in. Instead of using a simple paper roll backdrop I prefer to use your home as a backdrop; your sofa, a bed, windows, surrounded by knick knacks you’ve collected over the years. All are part of baby’s new environment and so special. They are home and hold so much character.


4.) Convenience for New Parents

The most obvious reason for a newborn session in your home is the convenience of it. No having to drive to a session, no having to make sure everyone is ready to leave the house early to beat traffic and ensure you arrive on time. When I went to my daughter’s newborn photography session I got up at 5am when she was 17 days old after a very sleepless night to make sure I had my makeup and hair done and we still struggled to get there on time. It was not much fun!

5.) Baby feels more comfortable

I’ve been doing newborn photography for probably 7-8 years now and I’ve photographed an equal amount of years in homes and in a studio. I will say that hands down I find a baby to sleep better in their own home. This is just down to the simple reason that they haven’t been travelling to me in the car for an hour and while doing so, sleeping! So I generally find home photography session newborns to be sleepier as they haven’t had a big nap in the car! Generally, when I arrive to a home session baby is fed and then sleepy enough for us to start and get all those adorable sleepy poses!

Contact me to secure your home newborn photography session! I travel to North London, South London, East London, West London and Greater London. I love travelling to homes and feeling creatively challenged to get beautiful unique images in your home.