London Newborn Photography: How To Be A Successful Newborn Photographer


I often get clients who show up to my studio and say, “Wow your job is amazing, I’d love to work from home!” While I love my job as a newborn photographer in London, there is a lot more running behind the scenes than our 2-3 hour session. There is so much multi-tasking and hard work going on way before you even find me and choose me as your baby photographer!

So how can one be a successful newborn photographer?

1.) Organised- Being organised is key. I write absolutely everything down and have lists upon lists to keep track of my marketing, my finances/accounting, my enquiries each month, my bookings each month and to keep track of editing and delivering all my photography sessions. Being organised and punctual is key to appear professional.

2.) Being Highly Trained- One can not just simply pick up a camera and decide they are going to be a newborn photographer. They must have their photography skills down pat prior to even attempting training with newborns. Then one must pursue lots of training specialised in newborn photography posing and handling to ensure you are providing a safe and comfortable session for a tiny brand new baby.

3.) Be skilled in Marketing/Advertising/Web design/SEO- This is my least favourite part of my job and it takes a lot of effort each week to stay on top of this. Prior to starting my business I had no experience in any of this and I’ve had to read read read in order to learn how to bring potential clients to me.

4.) Be Creative- In newborn photography it is best if you have some creative inkling- whether it extends to creative in photography, in colour and props, how you pose baby etc. It is such a visual job and such an amazing way to express your creativity!

5.) Multi-Tasker- You must be able to multi-task! Doing all the above is required every single day in order to be a newborn and baby photographer. I find myself forever multi-tasking from answering enquiries, writing blog posts, preparing for sessions, doing sessions, editing (24/7) and working on my marketing. It is never-ending but oh so rewarding when you realise you are creating precious memories for clients to keep forever!