Sitter Sessions in London, England!


I often get asked if I only photograph newborns and the answer is no! I photograph all ages and adore doing so! My next favourite milestone after newborn is when baby can first sit, this can be around 6-9 months depending on when they decide to sit! This stage is so lovely because they aren’t yet crawling so they can’t run away from the camera and they are so smiley at this age! I adore the amazing expressions I can capture at this age and the massive variety I can get with a sitter session. I love seeing my newborns through each milestone and see how they’ve changed. For a sitter session I love to incorporate an item from their newborn session to reflect on just how much they’ve grown in such a short amount of time. With this little guy I used the same tartan blanket and boy does he look different in it now! I can’t believe just 7 months ago he was a curly little newborn! He was amazing for me for both his newborn and his sitter photography sessions. A little modelling pro!

For this type of session baby must be able to sit unaided without toppling over! I often keep set ups quite simple as I think it is so adorable to see their chubby baby rolls at this stage. So so gorgeous! I also love capturing them laughing, their silly faces and natural ones of them just looking down. We are able to get some absolutely stunning portraits.

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