Sibling Portraits in Newborn Photography: Will you take Sibling Images?


One of my most frequently asked questions is, “Will you take images of the siblings together during the newborn photography session?” I know just how important it is for mums to have images of their newborn and their older sibling together so I always do my best to get sibling images together! The types of poses we do can vary depending on age for safety reasons, if a sibling is much older we can do shots of them holding baby, if the sibling is a good toddler I do images of them lying down on my flokati rug hugging baby as this is a very safe way to do it. If the older sibling is still very young or doesn’t want to pose we then do a composite image like the top image with the bucket so that the toddler doesn’t have to hold baby at all! This way baby is perfectly safe and the older sibling is happy!


Taking sibling images during our newborn session can be tricky if a child is under 4 or 5 years old. It often takes a lot of persuading! A toddler’s world has changed dramatically in the first few weeks of their new sibling’s arrival and they can often be acting out or unsure of things. I try to do the sibling images as casually as possible so that we can sneak some great shots in there! Sometimes I recommend doing the sibling and family images first so that we can get them over with and the sibling can go out for a walk with dad while we focus on baby’s images. A newborn session can be a long time for them to sit still and I completely understand that!


On the other hand, sometimes I have toddlers that want to sit and watch the entire session and don’t want to leave! I let these ones be my little helpers and have them choose between fabric colours or hand me things. They love getting involved in the session! I even had one announce at the end of the session, “But I don’t want to leave!” I just adore sibling images as you can see just how proud they are of their new sibling and I love that they will cherish these images when they both grow up!