London Newborn Photography: Safety In Newborn Photography


So you’re looking at newborn photographers and you’re browsing Google for photographers in London based on their prices, packages, style, their studio or mobile sessions. But have you considered newborn safety at all when hiring a newborn photographer? Have you considered the training and experience your newborn photographer should have?

Safety in newborn photography is not something the average parent thinks about when choosing their newborn photographer in Belgium. Perhaps they look for style, price, location and budget but safety is not something high on their priority list, mostly because they don’t know about it. There are a lot of complicated poses in newborn photography, poses that only someone trained in newborn photography should be doing and with vast experience. I belong to an organisation called BANPAS that promotes safety amongst newborn photographers across the world as many individuals starting out in newborn photography do not understand the importance of safety when working with these tiny little humans.

Safety is the number one reason that a parent should hire an experienced newborn photographer who has vast training. What kind of safety are we talking about? Well certain poses have to be done in certain ways so baby doesn’t topple over, fall, their blood circulation isn’t cut off, their body temperature isn’t too hot/too cold and some poses are done with hands on baby at all times (with the magic of photoshop). Instead of using a friend with a good camera who took some ideas from Pinterest, please hire a professional who knows how all the poses on Pinterest were done safely. The end result is professional quality images with baby comfortable and happy!

I’ve photographed hundreds and hundreds of newborns so posing a newborn feels like second nature to me. I’ve also taken many many newborn posing workshops by leading Newborn Photographers in America and the UK as I love learning, improving my work and keeping up with current trends in the newborn photography world. I also teach newborn photography to budding baby photographers as well!

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