Safety and Newborn Photography


What is the most important aspect of newborn photography? It’s not the props, the type of lighting or the poses but SAFETY. How the photographer handles your newborn baby and tackles each pose is very important. Your newborn is precious and safety regarding your newborn should not be taken lightly. Newborn photographers should have training (online, from an experienced photographer or workshops), be part of an organization that regulates newborn photography safety, has experience with newborns and uses Photoshop to carry out complicated poses.

When choosing a photographer that does carry out the complicated poses (like the “froggy” pose) or uses strange shaped props, ensure that you pick one that has training and uses composite images on Photoshop to get the safest shot. When doing a complicated pose, a hand must be on baby at all times and there must always be a spotter near by as baby can jolt easily. With the increase in popularity of newborn photography, a number of self taught photographers are picking up their camera and choosing newborn photography without investing in training or taking the time to gain proper experience. It is best to go with a photographer that specializes in newborns and does not do too much general photography. They have the most experience and training as they have invested so much in newborn photography!


 My newborn photography is natural. While I am trained, a member of BANPAS and use Photoshop composite images for some poses, I (mostly) prefer to capture newborns in their natural state as it truly is the safest. While I use Photoshop in some circumstances, I don’t believe in forcing a baby into a cute position just for the pose and would never risk their safety. I prefer to capture them how they are naturally (on their stomach, side or back). I also use a lot of low baskets as babies feel safe, snug and secure. There is also no risk of the basket tipping over! I always choose the safest option for your baby!

As a member of BANPAS, I only use safe posing. BANPAS promotes safety and training amongst their newborn photographers!