Reasons to Do A Cake Smash for Your Child’s First Birthday





1.) It’s a milestone- You’ve survived the first year of having a baby! It is a monumental occasion! Think about how far they’ve come and how much they have changed since their newborn session, it is truly amazing how much your little one has grown and learned since their newborn photography session! A cake smash records just how much they’ve learned and captures their little (or big) personality that they have developed over the year. A cake smash photography session truly records every emotion!

2.) It’s so much fun- A cake smash photography session captures the party! What’s more fun than a cake all to oneself, decorations, dressing up and a party hat? Not much! As a photographer, I adore cake smash sessions because I love getting to see how your little one year old reacts to the cake and just how messy they get! Some aren’t sure of the cake at first but some dive right in and topple it over completely! The mess at the end is hilarious! Some cake smash sessions don’t have much mess but some look like a bomb has gone off on the background. Some one year olds get right into it, there’s nothing better than capturing it! I love capturing their range of emotions throughout the session. At the beginning they are often shy and tentative with the cake and then when you encourage your child to get messy and they warm up to me as a photographer the great mess begins! They can’t believe they get a cake all to themselves!

3.) A great time to get photos before the terrible two’s!- One year olds are so much fun to photograph. I find that this is a great milestone to capture as they are still willing to be photographed and so engrossed in the cake that the camera doesn’t matter. When they hit the toddler phase, photographing a 2 year old can be tough!

I adore cake smash sessions and love seeing newborns I had photographed again! This little guy was one of my newborns a year ago and it was so amazing to see just how big he’s gotten and how smiley he is!