Random Facts About Me: Your London Newborn Photographer!


1.) My sister is 16 years younger than me so I always love families who come to me with a newborn and older sibling! They are so much fun to photograph!

2.) I’m vegetarian- it is so important to me to be a vegetarian now and could never go back to eating meat!

3.) I’m not a morning person and never have been!

4.) I’m an introvert- I’ve always been very shy and had to force myself to get better socially and run my own business well!

5.) I’m a tea addict but completely went off it when pregnant! Actually I had zero cravings when pregnant and only went off things!

6.) Celebrities I’ve seen while I lived in London-  Tim Burton, David Grey, Dominic Cooper, Harry Styles, George Michael, Clive Owen, Carl Baratt, Daniel Mays, Nick Grimshaw, Tuppence Middleton, Peter Capaldi, Henry Cavill, Keira Knightley, Naomi Harris, Jodie Whittaker, David Morrissey, Damson Idris, Ian McKellen and Vogue Williams! As a Canadian, it just amazes me that you see these celebrities just walking around London (we saw Ian KcKellen in Venice though)!

7.) My dream home location is Bruges, Belgium. My husband proposed there and we also got married there so it’s super special to us.

8.) I’m a bit of a phone addict- it has everything I need, I can run my business from it, chat to my Canadian family and I love Instagram and Pinterest for creative inspiration!

9.) I will have lived in the UK 9 years in January! It’s crazy that I came to London to get a bit of experience with Secondary School Teaching.

10.) My first job was at a West Highland Terrier dog breeder, I adored taking care of those dogs! They say never to work with children or animals but I’ve always enjoyed doing both!