London Newborn Photography: Questions to Ask Your Newborn Photographer


Hiring a newborn photographer is a very serious matter as they are handling your precious newborn at under 2 weeks old. Do you want to trust someone who has little experience just because they are cheap? A newborn photographer must be an experienced and trained professional that knows how to carry out all poses safely. Here are some questions you should ask a newborn photographer when enquiring.

1.) How long have you been a newborn photographer?

The longer someone has been a newborn photographer means the more training and experience they have. This means that posing newborns comes naturally to them and they could do it with their eyes closed. What does this mean? A safe and happy newborn throughout your session.

2.) Do you use safe posing techniques? Do you do composite images when required?

The image above in this post was done safely by using hands on baby at all times. It is two images merged together in Photoshop to remove the hands. This pose should NEVER be done without hands on a baby as they cannot support themselves unaided and a baby should never be put at risk for the sake of a pose. A newborn photographer should know how to carry out all poses safely and comfortably for baby.

3.) Have you had any training in newborn photography?

There are many workshops throughout the world taught by other newborn photographers on teaching baby safety and posing. There are also many online workshops taught by great American and Australian photographers. It is so important as a newborn photographer to have lots of training so you know how each pose is carried out. It is also important to keep up on your training to stay current with new trends.

4.) How many newborns have you photographed?

While this isn’t an essential question, generally the more newborns a photographer has photographed, the more comfortable they will be with them. A professional newborn photographer has vast experience with posing (even I don’t recommend doing the froggy pose until you’ve had a few years experience).