About the Props: Newborn Photography Props


Newborn Photographers love props. While I always shoot simple and natural images during a session, half of my images do include props as this adds a bit of fun, creativity and colour to our sessions! Through props I’m able to infuse my personal style that I’ve developed over the years in Newborn Photography.


Newborn photographers love soft, natural and organic textures that are soft on baby’s skin and don’t overpower the image. Baby is always the focus of my images, but the props just add to it. Wools, felt and rustic wood props are all the rage in the newborn photography at the moment. Anything organic and natural! My prop collection is massive and I’m able to offer you something in every colour that you can think of in a range of bonnets, posing blankets, backdrops, headbands, wraps and flokati rugs. I love collecting beautiful and homemade things to accent our session. Each session is bespoke and I very rarely use the same set up twice as each session is tailored to your favourite colours or interests. I absolutely love styling newborn photography sessions.


Newborn photography sessions are best done when baby is 5-14 days old (but I do them up to a month old). Ideally it is best to do them at this time as newborns of this age are very sleepy and sleep very deeply. They are also very bendy and poseable! This means that most sessions done at this time are easier and smoother for baby as we want baby as happy as possible during our newborn photography sessions!


I only book 12 newborns per month to allow for flexibility with early and late births. I get very booked up so I recommend booking as early as possible (typically my clients book after their 12 or 20 week scan). If your baby is already born or you are booking late, please still enquire as I sometimes have last minute availability!

Please email me at for a price list or to book your newborn, baby, maternity or family photography session!