Why Professional Editing- Can’t I have a cheaper session if you don’t edit the photos?


I once read a wedding photographer say that giving a client RAW unedited photos was like a baker just giving them the batter and not baking the cake. This is how it feels to a professional photographer when you ask for a deal if they don’t edit the images. Personally, I never give unedited images away as I feel I am doing a disservice to you by giving you unfinished work. Also, I do not want my unfinished work out in the world. A professional newborn photographer offers a high-end retouching service and puts their own artistic style into their editing. By not editing the images, these images are only half-complete.

While our newborn photography session is only 2-3 hours long, the editing process takes many more hours. I can spend up to 10 hours editing one session alone! What do I do in all that time? Looking through the images and selecting the perfect ones can take me at least an hour and then once I’ve chosen the images, the editing and retouching process begins! If you saw my RAW photos you would not even want them! They often have my feet in the images (which look massive next to tiny babies haha) and also my hands when I’m doing images that require them in the images for safety. I also have to extend backdrops and fix the hardwood backdrop before I can begin the little details. Then I add my own tones/colouring to the images so that all my images in my portfolio have a specific look. After that I spend time editing stray hairs and newborn skin. Newborn skin can be a tricky editing job as many newborns get baby acne, milk spots, redness, jaundice and very dry, scaly skin!

While it is a time consuming process I love editing over a cup of tea and adding my own individual style to my images.