Maternity Photography in London


Many women I know are too nervous to do a maternity photography session. They feel like they have gained too much weight, are terribly self-conscious, ¬†they don’t want all the focus to be on them, feel it’s too cheesy or vain. However, I’m here to tell you about the importance of having a bump/maternity/pregnancy photography session done! During our maternity sessions I take a lot of images and only shoot from the most flattering angles for you. We photograph you in outfits you are comfortable in and something that matches your style. We do many angles and different backdrops so that you can pick out the most flattering images from your gallery.


Why is a maternity photography session important?

Well, how many times in your life are you going to be pregnant (unless you are on “15 kids and counting”)? It is such an amazing and exciting time in your life that I love capturing! Your body is doing something truly amazing and this miracle is something worth documenting professionally. As a child I loved looking back at images of my mum pregnant as I couldn’t believe I was once in her belly!

The changing body of a pregnant woman is a true miracle and I adore being able to capture it. I know pregnancy can be a tough experience for many but why not record what an amazing thing your body is doing?


What kind of maternity photography sessions do you do?

I offer outdoor or studio maternity sessions. For the outdoor sessions you are able to provide your own outfit to match your style ad outdoor maternity sessions have a more relaxed and natural look. I use the outdoors to create a beautiful backdrop for your bump!

My studio maternity sessions have the option to have three different types of backdrop, I have a variety of dresses or fabrics for you to choose from in the studio and studio sessions can have a more intimate feel if you request it.


Check out more maternity and pregnancy images in my portfolio here. Email me at to book your maternity and newborn photography sessions in my London newborn photography studio.