Posed Newborn Photography v.s Lifestyle Newborn Photography

Everyone has different aesthetic tastes and the same goes for what type of photography you like. Many clients like an abundance of colours and props while some prefer all natural, classic images. I thought I’d take the time to explain the different types of newborn photography.

Posed Newborn Photography:

Posed newborn photography uses a variety of props and different backgrounds. This is a more creative type of session and allows clients the freedom to choose what colours and props they prefer. A posed newborn session includes nude posing on fabric backdrops with various colours and the use of various props like bowls, buckets and flowers. A posed newborn session takes longer than a lifestyle session as newborns need to be asleep for most of the session due to the more complex posing. With the family portion of the posed newborn session, posing is guided and aims for a perfected natural look that focuses on the new arrival! My photography style leans towards posed newborn photography as I love the creative outlet it provides and I love to create various unique set ups for each baby!


Lifestyle Newborn Photography:

Lifestyle newborn photography is more natural, generally all white and focuses on interaction between family. The goal for lifestyle photography is simple posing and simple clean set ups. This type of session can be much quicker than a posed newborn photography session as it doesn’t require baby to be asleep as posing is all natural or in parents arms. Lifestyle photography focuses on cuddly interaction and requires limited posing. Lifestyle photography can be done in studio (as seen below) or at your own home. This type of photography puts the focus solely on baby and family and has no distractions such as props.


Which type of session is your favourite? Email me at to book your newborn photography session. It is best to book months in advance as I typically book newborn sessions when expecting mothers are 12-20 weeks along.